January 13, 2013

New Year. New Goals.

Half way through January I decided to write down a few resolutions or mini goals for 2013. Better late than never right? I tend to set goals that are less daunting, and more fun and doable so that they feel less like tasks and more like fulfilling projects. Here's a few of the things on my list this year:

Find and conquer crafty DIY projects. Get out running (the Toronto half-marathon is coming up!). Try new recipes. See all (or almost all) of the movies up for an Oscar this year. Stand up straighter (for you, Mom). Take time to use good skincare products regularly. Paint pictures to hang in our apartment. Try hot yoga. Sleep in longer on weekends. Find a new dentist in the city (recommendations welcome!). Blog more, despite cold, wintery temps. Establish a detailed plan for our wedding and start crossing things off the list. Make delicious homemade breakfasts every Saturday. Invest in wardrobe staples; save on trendy items.  Go for regular pedicures. Plan a date night once a week, and throw in a spontaneous one every now and then. Give my blog a face-lift for a fresh new look.


  1. Happy New Year sweetie! Hope you had a lovely holiday.



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