June 25, 2012

Vested Interest

Skirt: Urban Outfitters; Basic Top: H&M; Vest: Winners (recent); Ankle Boots: DSW; Purse: Old Navy (similar); Headband: Fawn; Bracelets: Madewell and H&M

This orange, crocheted vest was a gift from my mom. She’s an avid shopper at Winners, and unlike me, has the patience and the eye to shop through racks upon racks of clothing, always coming home with a bag full of goodies. Isn’t it nice when someone gives you clothing as a gift that you would have never thought to buy for yourself, but end up really liking? It’s like an eye-opener to new possibilities. When I shop for myself I usually have an idea of how I’m going to pair the item I find with other things I already own, but when the item is a gift you become faced with this exciting new challenge of going through your closet to find complimentary pieces and accessories.
On another note, it’s noon and I just realized that I’m wearing two different earrings today – both metallic studs, but one silver and one gold, and both different sizes. Maybe I’ll start a new trend? Either way, I think it should be acknowledged that planning your outfit the night before can be so much more productive than doing it the morning of pre-coffee, plus it allows for a few extra minutes of shut-eye. Oh how I miss working from home.

Hope your Monday is off to a good start!


  1. I really like this look, Melissa! Very casual and cute, yet funky and oh-so-cool. I'm super digging that printed skirt and crocheted red vest (plus it matches your headband!). And those ankle boots completes the look with a bit of boho edge.

    Hope all is well with you! :)


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Destini - looks right up your alley actually!

  3. Winners is awesome... I know it's a daunting task but you can really find some amazing items when you go through the racks. Looking good!

    1. It really can be worth it in the end - I ended up going yesterday and came home with a cute printed dress!

    2. Told ya! That's the one place I'm going to shop when I return home and look for work clothes.


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