July 23, 2013


The last couple weeks has been busy and productive, yet fulfilling and exciting at the same time. Despite a sticky heat wave and a couple power outages, this summer is shaping up to be a good one! We just booked our wedding caterers and are getting geared up for our first tasting (undoubtedly one of the perks of planning a wedding!). I also celebrated my 25th birthday on Sunday and couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend with friends and family. Here are some happy snapshots as of late.

1. An early birthday present that was left sneakily on our bed. It took me a while to even notice it was there!
2. Another birthday gift, a long-time wish-list item, which now sits beautifully on my bookcase.
3. I've been swapping out hot coffee for iced coffee or lattes lately to combat the heat wave. So delicious!
4. Another preferred summer drink option: raspberry lemonade.
5. The cutest bow earrings, which I can't stop wearing.
6. I went to see Anything Goes with a friend last week and was pleasantly entertained.
7. Finally broke into our Pillitteri ice wine from Niagara. Such a great dessert alternative!
8. My guilty pleasure and tv snack of choice.
9. Steve's discreet wrapping and warning make me laugh.

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  1. Great pics. Have a nice day.



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