July 3, 2013


1. In true Canadian spirit, this gymnast flipped around in a snowboard on a trampoline to celebrate Canada Day.
2. An unexpected, yet pretty view from within Trinity Bellwoods Park.
3. My first time renting a Bixi Bike was this past weekend, and I loved it. Aside from my fear of road-riding, the stop and go concept of Bixi made for an adventurous day in the city.
4. One of my all time favourite summer desserts: Angel-food cake, with vanilla icing and strawberries. Mmmm.
5. Loved watching the Canada Day fireworks on the harbourfront. The way they reflected in the lake was stunning.
6. I never tire of oatmeal for breakfast, especially when sweetened with maple syrup and fruit.
7. A view of the Prince's Gate, outside Exhibition Place, towards the end of our bike ride.
8. The CN tower lights up for Pride.
9. Finally found a pretty quilt for our bedroom and I am now an advocate for seasonal bedding! Our room feels pleasently fresh and bright for summer.

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