February 11, 2013

Worn with Love

1. Gap's new "Skimmers" in "Neon Flamingo". I'm attracted to them purely for "Neon Flamingo".
2. Two-tone suede loafers.  
3. A delicate white blouse with a rose pattern.
4. Love the shade of this pink Club Monaco scarf.  
5. An intricately beaded clutch to brighten up any outfit.
6. I've been dying to try out a flower crown headband - Valentine's Day might be the perfect occasion!
7. A bright statement necklace encrusted with jewels in shades of pink and orange.
8. A sweet, heart-patterned dress.
9. A cozy sweater that still shouts "Love".
10. A fitted pink skirt with zipper detailing. 

Do you have our Valentine's Day outfit picked out yet?


  1. I love that floral headband. I wore flowers in my hair for a blog post last week, but I had to layer two Forever21 headbands to do it. The Urban outfitters one that you posted looks like a better version!




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