February 27, 2012

Oscar Faves

This year I managed to stay awake until the very end of the awards ceremony (yay for watching it on west coast time). My favourite Oscar moments: the suggestive Scorsese/Hugo drinking game, the incredible Cirque de Soleil performance, and Meryl Streep's acceptance speech. I was not overly impressed with the turnout of beautiful gowns, but these three definitely caught my attention. I loved Michelle Williams' bright coral, peplum Louis Vuitton dress, except for the tiny silver bow pinned to her waistline. A firm believer in the expression, "less is more" I found the brooch to be distracting from the dress's own brilliance. Cameron Diaz's Gucci gown fit her to a tee and the subtle sequins made it completely Oscar appropriate and Milla Jovovich's couture Ellie Saab gown was a safe, yet classic choice for her first Oscar appearance. Which star's style were you swooning over? 

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  1. I love Cameron Diaz's dress the best! Milla Jovovich's dress looks like a wedding dress, lol. I wish we got the Oscars in Australia! I have to wait a few days - it's not live! :(


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